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Roof Mounted Solar Array

Roof mounted solar arrays are common and provide the necessary panel tilt for the array. An aluminum stand-off is mounted to the rafters under your roofing material for maximum strength. Aluminum horizontal rails are attached to the stand-offs then wiring and finally the panels are attached to the rails. Now you have a system ready to be wired in to your electrical panel and start reaping the benefits of alternative energy
Ground Mount

Ground Mounted Solar Array

A ground mount installs much the same way a roof mount does except we create the post and beam rack out of galvanized two inch pipe. We start with digging holes for the posts and concrete. Erecting the rest of the array goes just like it would for a roof mount after the poles are in. Wha-la! Now you have a very nice looking mini power plant on your property! This will take care of all your electrical production including say your well pump, pool pump and irrigation pumps too!
Pool Solar

Pool Solar Array

Extend your swim season by appx 3 months! Integrates into your existing pool plumbing very easily. This is the most affordable solution to warm your pool! Inquire now!