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Micro Inverters on rails.

Panels are installed on your roof or ground after determining how many you will need to ZERO out your bill. We use your utilities kilowatt hours for the year and do the math. This will tell us how big of a system in kilowatts you will need.

     Once we determine how many panels, we then check your roof for space (or property if going with a ground mounted system) to hold the amount of panels you will need.

After we install the panels, they start producing power from the sun (and even on cloudy days at a reduced rate). The direct current (DC) panels produce travels to the inverter (a micro inverter for each panel or a stand alone which will control the entire system) and is converted to AC power (alternating current). This is the same type your house gets from the grid (your power company).

     Now we have AC current produced from your solar array being sent to your power meter on your house. Here is where the power produced by the solar array will turn your meter backwards hence winding the kilowatt hours used (by your household) off your bill. This will happen for the life of the solar array.

Given that you keep your energy consumption normal or below, you will see the great benefit of owning your own power plant!

     At this point, the meter will be programmed (by the utility company) to start a NET Meterng program. This means you will now only recieve a power bill (electric only) once a yeatr! It's called your tru-up statement and it provides you all the information about your solar production and consumption for the year.

     Power you make over and above your consumption gets fed back into the grid as energy credits. They roll-over to the next year for your use!

     Now that you get a power statement once a year you can sit back and relax having the piece of mind for when the utility rates start increasing! (and they will).

We take great pride in our work providing our customers with only the best products and service! We want the system to perform to specifications and provide comfort knowing there is no maintenance that has to be performed, only keeping the panels clean. Sunlight is your friend at this point! If your handy and can wash a window then that is all there is to washing your panels. We do provide a solar panel cleaning service, inquire on our contact page or facebook page!

We are a family owned and operated solar company! We are FULL service meaning we will take care of everything! We handle the pre-paperwork and post-paperwork. We will help you during our 10 year installation warranty period and beyond. Contact us for your free consult! We can give you more detail in a face to face meeting.

Now back to your system! Are you enjoying using your air conditioner without worrying how much it will cost you? Our solar systems will take care of that! Are you enjoying a piece of mind when utility rates increase and it doesn't effect you? You now own a solar system! Are you comfortable that the system can increase your property value? I am! How about that pool you own? We can certainly take care of extending your swim season a whole three months! We install pool solar panels that use the suns heat to warm your pool water to whatever temperature you like to swim in. If you are on the fence or sort of scared to pull the trigger, get educated with us! Schedule an appointment right now! Start reaping all the great benefits solar can provide!



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